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Cavalor® Arti Motion (previously Arti Base)

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Powdered joint supplement for young and senior horses designed to maintain, healthy and flexible joints and strong bones during growth and aging process and daily work.

Cavalor® Arti Motion contains nutrients to keep joints in top condition. Indicated for use when anti-inflammatories are not needed.

Cavalor® Arti Base is ideal for:

 Young, growing horses.
 Senior horses with chronic joint problems.
 Sport horses in periods of hard work (i.e. competition season).
 As a preventive measure for horses in training.
 As a follow-up treatment after using Cavalor® Arti Matrix.


Mix Cavalor® Arti Motion with daily feed.

Ponies: 25 g/day; Horses: 50 g/day.
Maximum Dosage: 200 g/day.

Measuring scoop included in pail (1 scoop = 25 g)
Packaging 2 kg pail # of days 33

Time to peak effect: 2 weeks
Duration: 3 months