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Cavalor® Bronchix Liquid

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Liquid supplement designed to improve breathing, support the upper respiratory tract especially in cases of coughing due to irritation. Cavalor Bronchix Liquid also helps restore the appetite while activating digestion as well as liver and lung function. While opening the airways and helping clear the upper respiratory tract to improve breathing.

Cavalor® Bronchix Liquid is often used as supplemental maintenance following veterinary treatment of respiratory infections.

Cavalor® Bronchix Liquid supports and promotes proper breathing and stops coughs. Coughing due to irritation can be caused by a variety of issues: dust inhalation, substances that provoke the respiratory system, allergies, sudden changes in weather, etc.

In a horse’s natural habitat, herbs and plants play an important role in keeping their respiratory system healthy. In particular, oils and extracts from fresh herbs and plants have powerful healing effects. However, most raw stock and feed concentrates currently available on the market lack these substances.


Administer Cavalor® Bronquix Liquid by pouring it over feed, dissolving it in drinking water or directly via the mouth.

Dosage: Sprinkle 25 ml of Cavalor® Bronquix Liquid 2X/day for a minimum of 5 days. Maximum Dosage: 100 ml/day.

Cavalor® Bronchix Liquid can be administered a few days prior to competition to maintain the respiratory tract in optimal condition. Can be used during competition, within advised dosage.

Packaging 1,000 ml bottle # of Days 20
Time to peak effect: 3-5 days
Duration: 4-5 months