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Cavalor® Bronchix Pure All-In-One

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Powdered Supplement designed to tackle irritation in the bronchial tubes and pulmonary tract. Dual action approach to soothe and clear the respiratory tract while supporting the respiratory system and increasing its natural resistance.

Cavalor® Bronchix Pure works on two different levels:

#1: Soothes and frees the airways and helps manage coughing. Helps naturally remove irritating mucus build-up.

#2: Supports and further clears the airways while increasing natural resistance.

Irritation of the airways and lung issues may be caused by many different reasons: dusty environments, bacterial and/or viral infections, asthma, poor stable management, etc. These issues can seriously impact the condition and fitness of horses. It is important to address these symptoms effectively and as soon as possible. A thorough solution requires a two-step approach.


Administer 50 g of Cavalor® Bronchix Pure once a day for 40 days.
Maximum Dosage: 120g/day. Measuring scoop = 10 g

Time to peak effect: 30 days.

Duration: 3 months.