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Cavalor® Calm

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Powdered calming supplement designed to promote a restful and relaxing effect on nervous, spooky, or young horses without impairing concentration and movement.

Cavalor® Calm is specifically formulated to help counteract spookiness, hypersensitivity, irritability and stress due to: changes in temperature, unexpected movements, unfamiliar environments, people and horses, transport, commotion before and during events, etc.

Administer by mixing Cavalor® Calm with daily feed, 2-3 days prior to an expected stressful situation. The dosage may be adjusted depending on the results obtained.

Cavalor® Calm can be used during a prolonged period of time. Reduce dosage gradually.

Dosage: 45 g/day (3 scoops).
Maximum period of use: 4 weeks.
Maximum Dosage: 100 g/day.
1 scoop = 15 g

Packaging 5 kg pail # of Days 111

Time to peak effect: 2 days
Duration: 1 day


100% no doping guarantee