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Cavalor® Freebute Pill

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An herbal, anti-inflammatory tablet supplement designed to relieve pain and discomfort due to chronic or acute pain. The balanced formula allows the horse to rest at ease in order to begin a successful healing and recovery process without the harsh stomach side-effects typically associated with phenylbutazone or “bute.”

Cavalor® FreeBute does not contain phenylbutazone or any other NSAID and is legal for all FEI and Jockey Club sanctioned events.

Cavalor® FreeBute is formulated with a balanced mixture of natural ingredients known for their potent anti-inflammatory effects on joints and muscles. Cavalor® FreeBute (tablets and paste) can be given on a daily basis to aid with pain relief.


Cavalor® FreeBute (Tablets) Five tablets equal to the same effects obtained from 1 gram of bute.

For Acute Pain: Administer 4 tablets during morning feeding and 5 tablets during evening feeding one or two days before heavy training or competition.