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Cavalor® Gastro 8

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Nutritional liquid gel (Cavalor Gastro Paste) and powder (Gastro 8) to provide the tools needed for gastric ulcer management and prevention. Cavalor® Gastro 8 works on several different levels to neutralize the horse’s stomach pH and protect the stomach wall against irritation.

Common ulcer treatments are designed to inhibit gastric acid secretion, to neutralize the acid produced in the stomach, or to protect the squamous mucus from exposure to acid. Cavalor® Gastro 8 works five different ways to target gastric ulcers:

1) Inhibits gastric acid secretion.
2) Helps neutralize the acid produced in the stomach.
3) Enhances the gastric ulcer healing process.
4) Stimulates saliva production to help maintain a neutral stomach pH while protecting the stomach wall against irritation.
5) Contains calming herbs to help the horse avoid overstressing in common show situations, which would otherwise aggravate existing ulcers.

The incidence of gastric ulcers in performance horses is extremely high. Different studies (post mortem and gastroendoscopic) show that 75-89% of horses in active training suffer from gastric ulcers.

Large meals of grain or extended periods of fasting can lead to excess gastric acid production without sufficient saliva.

Horses with gastric ulcers may show symptoms such as a drop in performance, sour attitude, and poor hair coat, grinding their teeth, picky-eating, lack of appetite and weight loss among others.


Cavalor® Gastro 8 (Paste)
Dosage: Day 1-5: 2 tubes/day. Day 6-10: 1 tube/day. Continue with Cavalor® Gastro 8 powder or 1 tube/day.

Cavalor® Gastro 8
Dosage: 30 g/day for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. 1 Scoop = 15 g

Packaging 1800g # of Days 60

Time to peak effect: 14 days
Duration: 1 month