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Cavalor® Hoof Aid

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Powdered hoof supplement containing a high dose of biotin and other elements to promote and strengthen overall hoof quality and growth. Cavalor® Hoof Aid is designed to keep hooves in optimal condition.

Cavalor® Hoof Aid can be administered as a preventative measure for horses poor hoof quality. If the horse has severe hoof quality issues, it is recommended to administer Cavalor® Hoof Aid Special.


Dosage: Sprinkle 30 g/day over feed.
Maximum Dosage: 100 g/day.
1 scoop = 15 g

Continue the treatment for at least two months.
Note that the effects of Cavalor® Hoof Aid will gradually build.

Packaging 800g jar # of Days 27

Time to peak effect: 2-3 months
Duration: 3 months