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Cavalor® Hoof Aid Special

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Pelleted hoof supplement designed to stimulate hoof growth and improve overall hoof quality.

Horses need more than just biotin to improve and maintain hoof health. Cavalor® Hoof Aid Special is a rich mixture of high quality ingredients that work together to help repair and regrow strong, healthy hooves. The ingredients in Cavalor® Hoof Aid Special also help improve skin and coat condition.

Cavalor® Hoof Aid Special contains traditional ingredients found in other hoof supplements such as biotin, keratin, MSM, amino acids (lysine and methionine) as well as additional vitamins, chelated minerals, rice bran and yeast for optimal bioavailability.

  • MSM: The best absorbable organic source of sulphur; known to contribute to the health and overall quality of the hoof wall.
  • Vitamin C: Key component in the formation of collagen, a key substance found in the hoof capsule.
  • Chelated copper: Critical for the formation of elastin and collagen in the hoof capsule.
  • Chelated Zinc: Helps improve overall hoof quality.
  • Yeast Cultures: Important source of B-vitamins; improves digestion and nutrient absorption.


    Ponies: 30g-50g/day.
    Horses: 130g/day.
    Senior Horses: 150g/day.

    Maximum Dosage: 400g/day. 1 scoop = 15g Best results seen within 4-6 weeks.