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Cavalor® Kick Up

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Liquid supplement designed to help improve alertness and performance to keep horses fresh during multi-day events.

Great for horses experiencing dull moments, occasional lack of energy and laziness. Cavalor® Kick Up is formulated with special nutrients to help boost energy.

Cavalor® Kick Up provides quick, noticeable results to allow the horse to feel revitalized and ready to put forth a good quality performance.


Cavalor® Kick Up may be given daily during periods of increased need during a heavy competition season. When using Cavalor® Kick Up for recovery purposes, give every other day sprinkled over feed until a full recovery is achieved (usually 7-10 days).

Cavalor® Kick Up is the most effective when given the evening before competition and in the morning of competition in instances when the horse’s fitness does not seem adequate for competition, such as during the beginning of the competition season.

Active Competition Horses: 50 ml/day.
Ponies and Recreation Horses: 25 m/day.
Maximum Dosage: 100 ml/day.


Will my horse’s stress increase with this kind of energy?

No. This product has repeatedly proven to be very effective for dressage horses. It provides the energy without temper increases.  In general, the high energy density of fat may, under certain circumstances, be beneficial as less bulky feed is required to the horse with its energy. It has also been indirectly observed that some horses may experience some behavior changes (less excitable). If behavioral changes are observed, an increased energy diet may be considered to help reduce the risk of the horse becoming too hot (e.g. thoroughbred horses).


100% no doping guarantee.

 1000 liter bottle