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Cavalor® Muscle Fit

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Powdered Supplement designed to improve muscle function while delaying the onset of fatigue. Promotes flexibility and supports muscle activity before and after strenuous efforts. Allows the horse to be more supple and free right out of the stall. Reduces lactic acid build-up within the working muscles. Appropriate for horses prone to tying up.

Cavalor® Muscle Fit promotes flexibility, helps accelerate the body’s natural process for breaking-down and flushing out lactic acid accumulation. This allows the horse to condition more efficiently since muscle recovery is often quicker and more complete when the muscles are properly supported by the ingredients found in Cavalor® Muscle Fit.

Muscle cramping, stiffness and soreness are common issues among all athletes. In some cases, this may be severe and result in rhabdomyolysis or “tying up.” A large number of sport horses suffer from tying up and the culprit is frequently lactic acid accumulation in the muscle resulting in muscle cell oxidation and breakdown. This build-up of lactic acid in the muscle will happen whenever the horse is asked for acceleration, speed, or explosive efforts, like those seen in show jumping, dressage, racing, and reining. The muscles of the horse will suddenly be unable to relax following contraction and large muscle groups, particularly in the hind quarters, will seize up. These horses may often need to be addressed with veterinary care to make a full recovery. Supplementation with many of the ingredients found in Cavalor® Muscle Fit have been shown to help accelerate muscle recovery and avoid the conditions that lead to tying up in the first place.

It is instrumental to provide the needed nutritional elements to enable the horses’ body to produce key substances to prevent and decrease lactic acid production as well as stimulate the removal and breakdown of lactic acid excess.

Cavalor® Muscle Fit has also been used successfully with particularly hard workloads, such as high level conditioning days or competition events. Administer 2-3 days before the event and 1-2 days after for optimal muscle recovery and suppleness.



Administer Cavalor® Muscle Fit 2-3 days before a heavy exertion to improve muscle function.

Cavalor® Muscle Fit can be given several days prior to heavy exertion to prevent muscle stiffness or for 3-4 weeks in cases where stiffness is detected after the exertion.

Dosage: 30 g (2 scoops or packs) per day mixed in feed.
Maximum Dosage: 120 grams per animal per day.

Cavalor® Muscle Fit is available in individual packs for fast, on-the-go and precise dosages. The packs also have a longer shelf life by preventing air exposure to the product, preserving its antioxidant characteristics.

Time to peak effect: 12-18 hours
Duration: 1 day