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Cavalor® Muscle Force

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Powdered Supplement designed to build muscles and improve conditioning by accelerating and increasing the production of muscle cells. Provides long-term efficiency and uniform muscle development by systematically increasing the number of muscle cells.

Cavalor® Muscle Force helps horses quickly increase and strengthen muscle mass in order to meet their former level of athleticism after a period of rest, reduced work, little training or loss of conditioning. Also beneficial for young horses in preparation for sales or their first year of work.

Cavalor® Muscle Force produces quick noticeable results through uniform muscle development and improving muscle power.


Administer Cavalor® Muscle Force for 35 days to ensure full effects are achieved.

Competition Horses: 30- 45 g (2-3 scoops or packs)/day
Ponies and Recreational Horses: 30 g (2 scoops or packs)/day
Maximum Dosage: 120 g (8 scoops or packs)/day

For faster results: Double the dosage (4-5 scoops or packs/day) during the first week. Discontinue the use of Cavalor® Muscle Force after 45 days for a period of at least 8 weeks, re-administer as needed.

Time to peak effect: 45 days

.Duration: 3 months