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Cavalor® Muscle Liq

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A liquid supplement developed to aid in the prevention of muscular issues in horses such as rhabdomyolsis (tying up), inflammation, and muscle damage.
Senior horses, horses in training or horses fed a high sugar ration, often suffer from muscle issues.
Cavalor® Muscle Liq helps regenerate damaged muscle cells in three different ways:
1. Stimulates lactic-acid break-down
2. Flushes acid and metabolic wastes from the kidneys
3. Stimulates better blood circulation to eliminate toxins and improve the transport of nutrients to the body


Administer Cavalor® Muscle Liq as a supplement with current everyday feeding program.
Dosage: 50ml/day.
Maximum Dosage: 200g/day.

Provide fresh water at all times. The electrolyte content in Cavalor® Muscle Liq stimulates horses to drink more water.

Administering Cavalor® Muscle Liq:
 Administer before heavy efforts to improve muscle suppleness and avoid excess lactic acid production.
 Administering during training will results in improved overall muscle function.
 Administering during recovery will result in a better and more efficient recovery as well as aid in the prevention of muscle soreness and discomfort.
 Administering as a preventive measure a few days prior to intense work and immediately after helps prevent the formation of lactic acid.

Packaging 1,000 ml bottle # of Days 40