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Cavalor® Muscooler

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Cooling gel designed to invigorate and cool-down muscles. Helps manage soreness and inflammation by cooling-down overworked joints, muscles and tendons. Great alternative to messy poultice.

Great for massaging the horse’s legs, muscles and back after heavy work, competition or travel. Can help reduce muscle stiffness. For long trips apply directly to legs then apply travel wraps.

Apply a thin layer of RECUP to the sore areas or areas needing extra support and rub thoroughly. If extra cooling is required, repeat application several times a day. Cavalor® Muscooler can be applied under bandages or shipping wraps.

Caution: Do not apply Cavalor® RECUP to open wounds, irritated or heavily bruised skin. Instead use Cavalor® Cooling Wash.

Cavalor’s Recup Gel helps cool your horse’s tired joints, muscles, and tendons after a hard workout. Essential oils, plant extracts, and other ingredients soothe the body and help alleviate stiffness and soreness. Perfect for competitions or long trips that put additional strain on your horse’s body. Safe for human use, too!