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Cavalor® OilMega

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Liquid supplement formulated with omega oils designed to supply calories to horses in the form of fatty acids.
Cavalor® OilMega acts as a system wide anti-inflammatory which helps ease joint inflammation and other aggravated systems. Cavalor® OilMega also supports muscle function, improves endurance, boosts immunity, promotes weight gain, and dramatically improves coat quality.

PRODUCT COMPOSITION Cavalor® OilMega contains a balanced mixture of high quality oils known for their omega fatty acid content, such as flaxseed oil and fish oil, coupled with natural antibiotics (NABs). NABs help regulate the microbial populations within the gut by eliminating pathogenic bacteria. Cavalor® OilMega is very rich in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids as well as contains a high vitamin E content.


Cavalor® OilMega should be given for at least 30 days (preferably 60 days) and can also be used daily.

Week 1: sprinkle 100 ml/day over the feed.
Week 2: sprinkle 50 ml/day over the feed.

Use Cavalor® OilMega in combination with Cavalor® Resist+VitC for horses suffering from hives, dull coat, or other skin condition.

Time to peak effect: 6-8 weeks

100% no doping guarantee.

2000 liter