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Cavalor® Resist + Vit C

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Immune booster! Powered supplement designed to increases the horse’s natural resistance to fight against infections. Supports overall health and immunity.

Competing sport horses lead very stressful lives between regular travel, tension at events, and frequent exposure to unfamiliar surroundings and horses. These stressors can often cause the horse to be more likely to fall ill due to the immune system being compromised by increased cortisol production.

The nutritional support found in Cavalor® Resist + vit C can help boost and maintain a strong immune system.

Start 10 days before traveling.

Administer for at least 4 weeks or until full recovery is achieved.

Sport horses: 150 g/day. Young Horses: 100 g/day.

Ponies & Recreation Horses: 25 g/day.
Maximum Dosage: 400 g/day.

For best results, combine Cavalor® Resist + Vit C with Cavalor® OilMega,


100% no doping guarantee.