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Cavalor® SoZen

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All natural powder supplement for hot and high-strung horses designed as an alternative to tranquilizers, sedatives and other hormone treatments.

Cavalor® SoZen has hormonal balancing properties; ideal for use in mares and geldings. It also promotes relaxation while stimulating focus.


Cavalor® SoZen requires a 10-day loading dose for initial use. The loading phase does not need to be repeated for subsequent use.

Upload Dosage: 30 g/day (2 scoops) for 10 days.
Maintenance: 15g/day (1 scoop) starting two days prior to the day which the horse needs to be calm.
Before Competition: 30g/day (2 scoops). Administer 3 days before competition and adjust as needed.
Maximum Dosage: 40 g/day.

Cavalor® SoZen can be used in combination with Cavalor® Take It Easy and/or Cavalor® Calm for extremely hot or overly spooky horses.

Time to peak effect: 1-2 days

100% no doping guarantee