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Cavalor Star Shine

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Long-lasting coat conditioner, detangler, stain-remover and shine agent. Keeps mane and tail detangled for up to one week.

Cavalor® Star Shine gently conditions and detangles the mane and tail. Repels dirt, prevents coat stains, perfumes and produces a prolonged shine affect. Cavalor® Star Shine coats every hair strand with a protective layer to help prevent matting, excessive pulling and reduces breakage of the mane and tail. Helps repair damaged hair and enhances coat color, condition and structure while leaving behind an unforgettable shine!


Shake Cavalor® Star Shine gently before use.

Spray Cavalor® Star Shine on the mane and tail. Wait 3-5 minutes and comb through hair a couple of times.

Cavalor® Star Shine can also be used to shine a horse’s coat. For the ultimate shiny coat, spray Cavalor® Star Shine all over the coat, wait for a couple of minutes and polish with a dry cloth (a woolen cloth works well).


CAUTION: Do not spray areas of the coat where the saddle is usually placed. The formula may cause the saddle to slip.

Time to peak effect: 10-15 minutes
Duration: 3-5 days

Packaging 500 ml # of Days 45