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Cavalor® Vitaflor 365

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Powered supplement designed for weight gain containing live yeast cultures to help regulate and support the microbal populations of the horse’s hindgut.

Cavalor® Vitaflor 365 is ideal for restoring the intestinal flora following the use of antibiotics, for hard keepers, and for horses needing to gain weight.

Cavalor® Vitaflor 365 can also help prevent acidification from occurring in the hindgut, which is a risk with horses being fed rations high in cereal grains. Cavalor® Vitaflor 365 is turn will dramatically improve fiber digestion and production of B vitamins by the microbial populations while reducing the chance for colic.


Mix Cavalor® Vitaflor 365 with daily feed for at least 4 weeks. Best results are obtained with continued use.

Foals: 10 g/day.
Leisure Horses & Ponies: 20-30 g/day.
Sport Horses: 30-40 g/day.
Leisure Horses & Ponies: 20-30 g/day.
Gestating & Lactating Mares: 40 g/day.
Maximum Dosage: 100 g/day.
Packaging 2kg # of Days 50