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ThinLine Comfort Square Jumping Pad

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The ThinLine Cotton Quilted Pads are made with ThinLine (3/16″) over a high quality quilted cotton base pad, creating a contoured wither profile and spine free channel. This design allows the ThinLine to lay on either side of the spine so that it is always in the right place. Delivering the maximum in shock absorbency in the minimum thickness. 

ThinLine will not alter the fit of a custom saddle but it is also shimmable for fine-tuning saddle fit.  We love the way it encourages horses to lift and engage through the back.  It quiets rider movement, clearing the way for better communication and connection using lighter aids. This single unit cotton square pad solves slipping issues by eliminating the need for two pads and keeps the ThinLine right where you need it.


Colors and Options.

Pads are available in jumping and dressage squares in black, white, and navy.

Fitted cotton saddle pads for jumping and dressage are available in white and black.

Saddle Fitting with ThinLine Shims.

Our trim to fit shims may be used as a full shim to double your protection or you may easily create front, bridging and rear shims by cutting the full trim to fit shim with a pair of scissors.