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Thinline Saddle Fit Shim Kit

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Saddle Fitter Kits featuring 1 set of front 1/4″ shims and 2 sets of 3/16″ rear shims.

Saddle Fit and Asymmetry (Crookedness).

Saddle trees are symmetrical, frequently horses are not.  Shimming is generally the best solution for asymmetrical horses. ThinLine shimmable pads provide therapeutic protection.  When working with asymmetry leave the full side un-shimmed.  On the hollow side, turn one shim upside down and insert the pair (both shims)  into one pocket. As a rule, once horses begin working in ThinLine they feel comfortable enough to stretch into the hollow places and will become straighter.  Keep an eye on your saddle fit and slowly remove one shim at a time.

Horses will often develop better topline in ThinLine.

Horses grow and change throughout their lifetime.   For this reason, we made our shims easy to remove. Keep riding the great benefits of your ThinLine Pad.