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About Majyk Equipe Products

We Take Technology Seriously.


To continue innovating, improving and researching new ideas and materials as they become available. We always want to remain unique and on the cutting edge, never following anyone else's lead. We want to offer an affordable range of protective horse wear and equestrian lifestyle products with great technology and styling.  We believe that every rider and horse deserves nothing less. 


Outer Material: We use BASF TPU to insure a consistent, strong but flexible outer. 

Inner Liner: Our boots are Neoprene free - very important to avoid excessive heat build up that could lead to tendon damage, one of the leading causes of lameness in horses. Majyk boots contain two types of inner material. The first is a light, breathable eco-friendly bio foam designed to repel water and dust with a super-soft feel. This type of foam is used in our X Country and Vented Infinity TPU series. For our Dressage and Leather boots, we use the same family of foam but with an added impact protective element. Both types of liners are hypo allergenic to help protect sensitive horses and avoid allergic reactions often associated with traditional foams. 

Strike Guard/Inner Protection:

Our inner strike guards feature a proprietary new technology called ARTi-LAGE. ARTi-LAGE is a dilatant material that has the ability to change its molecular state under impact threat. Soft and pliable in its usual state, the molecules harden to dispel energy impact when struck. This makes it perfect for equine use, where a horse's natural movement needs to be unhindered during regular exercise but needs immediate protection from any trauma caused by a hard strike. Majyk Equipe exclusively offers ARTi-LAGE protection - it is not available in any other equestrian product. In tests, ARTi-LAGE outperformed other leading protection foams.


We tested Majyk Equipe hard shell boots against two other boots. These tests were conducted by an Independent Laboratory that specializes in testing Protective Armored Wear for the Military. These tests were designed to measure the amount of force that passed through the boot to the surface below - the same sort of force that would pass through the boot if it were on a horse's leg. Two different measurements were taken - one with a lighter strike to emulate a light amount of force through the boot  and one with a stronger strike to emulate a harsher hit to the boot. In both scenarios, Majyk Equipe boots showed the lowest amount of force allowed to pass through the boot - i.e. Majyk Equipe's boots outperformed the other boots. Test Results can be seen under the 'Blunt Trauma Test' tab:


Our Boyd Martin X Country series starts with a perforated outer TPU Re-Flex mesh outer, with layers of lightweight protection designed to repel dirt and water while allowing the horse's leg to breathe. These boots are lined with a proprietary, breathable bio foam with extra large perforations. The foam has enough traction to stop slipping, while remaining super soft and comfortable. The boot features a four-way interior flexion strike plate made to flex in four directions to mirror a horse in motion. It's lightly curved shape and design form a hard protective wall when struck. 

The Color Elite XC series has a permafuse outer mesh with a breathable exterior. There is no glue used in the outer construction - the outer shell is heat fused onto the mesh causing a permanent bond. Inside you will find our breathable bio foam and TWO layers of protection - our four way flex guard and a layer of ARTi-LAGE - our proprietary dilatant material. The entire boot is coated with our 'Forever Clean' technology that helps maintain the boot and makes it easy to rinse off dirt. 

The Dressage/Sport boot features an outer strike guard with ARTi-LAGE providing an additional inner impact dispelling layer. Both styles are bound with durable binding and double stitching to insure a well finished boot.  Velcro® closures feature double stitched ends for easy grip and long lasting wear.

Our Mesh Over Reach Boots are constructed of a tough Rip-Stop Material built to last. The boots feature a 'No Turn' notch on the inside to make sure that they stay in place with movement. An inner layer of protection helps keep the horse's hoof and coronary band cushioned from impact, while a double closure system allows for quick and secure fastening.


For our 100% Leather Series we use only the finest Argentine Leather.

Argentinian leather is safe for all purposes and is especially suitable for showjumping and polo - many of the Argentinian designs favor these sports.
In Argentina, due to good pasture and suitable climates, the cows are raised in the wild and are free to roam and graze as they wish. In European countries where  intensive breeding programs are common place, animals spend several months in sheds and are fed balanced rations. Food is a very important factor in the quality of the leather, animals whose diets are intended to create greater muscle mass and fat produce unfavorable skins and accordingly their hides are of bad shape and of little value.
The Argentine leather manufacturing process includes over 25 key steps from the moment  the raw material enters the tannery until it qualifies for export. Audi, Mercedes Benz , BMW and Porsche are some of the major car brands in the world who choose to trust the quality of  Argentine leather. Approximately 25% of all leathers for the automotive industry in the world come from Argentina. Our leather features:

  • High tensile strength.
  • Resistance to tear.
  • High resistance to flexing.
  • High resistance to puncture.
  • Good heat insulation.
  • Leather contains a great deal of air, which is a poor conductor of heat.
  • Permeability to water vapor.

The most common and antique type of tannin is the Quebracho tree extract, a tree indigenous of Argentina. From its bark, a characteristically red-colour powder can be obtained that gives the leather a warm and brilliant shade which together with a compact texture, makes it more resistant to water and atmospheric agents.


Our pads are made from top quality materials and are Ergonomically shaped to fit your horse's back in the best way possible. Most of our pads have anti 'bounce back' technology to make sure that any impact felt is minimized to both horse and rider. Materials are lightweight and breathable and made to be durable. A very different feature in Majyk pads is our true split wither front to help your horse relax and stretch out its neck. We also feature spine technology - an extra wide area along the spine to help with comfort and balance.


We NEVER use neoprene in our girths. Neoprene is a closed cell material that is used in wetsuit manufacturing to trap heat and insulate the skin. Although very popular in equine products because of its cheap cost and wide availability, we choose not to use it in our equine products. Neoprene is a conductor of bacteria and fungus and can harbor irritants that may transfer to your horse's coat. This is especially important when you are using tack across multiple horses. Breathable neoprene does not really exist. Its basically neoprene with holes perforated to make it more breathable but not fully breathable like a material designed to breathe. Likewise limestone neoprene has been shown in tests to actually retain more heat than regular neoprene so is not a good product to use for equine purposes.

For Majyk Equipe products, we use a lightweight bio foam that is not widely available and costs more than neoprene to manufacture. The foam is anti bacterial, anti fungal and helps repel  dust and water. Most of our girths have removable liners so cleaning the inner liner is simple. The outside of our girths are made with tough ballistic nylon reinforced with TPU plates. This makes them extremely hardy and tough and allows them to guard against stud punctures.


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