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Pick your thread colors and leave a detailed note during the order process of your choices.  

Please feel free to follow up with me if you have any questions.


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Majyk Equipe About Majyk Equipe Products We Take Technology Seriously. OUR PROMISE TO YOU: To continue innovating, improving and researching new ideas and materials as they become available. We always want to remain unique and on the cutting edge, never following anyone else's lead. We want to offer an affordable range of protective horse wear and equestrian lifestyle products with great technology and styling.  We believe that every rider and horse deserves nothing less.  HARD SHELL BOOTS Outer Material: We use BASF TPU to insure a consistent, strong but flexible outer.  Inner Liner: Our boots are Neoprene free - very important to avoid excessive heat build up that could lead...

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To blanket or not to blanket? This has been a controversy since the beginning of time.  Okay, that might sound a bit dramatic, but nonetheless if you ask three different horse owners you are likely to get four different answers.  To help you decide what is best for your horse's needs we searched high and low and found this great article with lots of Q & A's. To Blanket or Not to Blanket There are many determining factors to consider when deciding which blanket is right for your horse.  Health, temperature fluctuations, are they clipped, wind chill, precipitations, and the...

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'Don’t you wish you could get your horses to drink water on command? Now you can, with Horse Quencher! Just add it to water, stir, and serve. 99% acceptance rate, and 100% guaranteed. Great for horse shows, new barns, funny water, weather changes, illnesses, and fuel stops while traveling. Improve your horses’ health and performance, by getting them to drink more water…with Horse Quencher!'


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