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How important is water for your horse?

Horse Quencher, Product review -

How important is water for your horse?

Did you know horses can only live 3-6 days with out enough water.  Just a day or two of decreased consumption can increase the chances of colic or other illnesses.

The average horse needs between 5 and 10 gallons of water each day, but that number can change depending on work level and specific health needs.  Other factors to consider are how much access the horse has to forage, and the types of grass and grain consumed. Protein requires water to be digested, horses on higher protein grain will often drink more water. On the other hand, fresh grass can be up to 80% water, which can decrease the amount of water a horse needs to drink to stay hydrated.

There are numerous things that can cause a horse not to drink enough water.  Such things as weather change, location change, stress and traveling are just a few. Summer is not the only time to watch for dehydration. Winter months can be just as challenging. Because the need for water is such a delicate balance in keeping your horse healthy, water intake should be monitored closely.  Horses can notice change in the smell and taste of water in different environments and that is why we love  a product called Horse Quencher.

 Horse Quencher promotes increased water consumption by including flavors that horses love, as well as ingredients found in grain that settles to the bottom which encourages the horse to drink more water from the bucket.  We have personally used Horse Quencher when we travel, or in cold weather, to encourage proper hydration. The horses LOVE it.  We find ourselves having to refill their buckets, even during times that they typically would not be interested in water, but especially during travel and cold weather.  It is made of natural ingredients and is not an electrolyte or other supplement.  It comes in Apple, Peppermint, Butterscotch and Root Beer flavors.  Just throw in a handful of their favorite flavor to any water bucket and watch them drink it up.  It comes in larger bags that are perfect to keep at the barn, or small individual servings for ease of travel. Just grab your horses' favorite or,  an assortment of flavors, to keep in the trailer for those long hauls or at horse shows where horses can be picky about drinking from a different water source.






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